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Unlock 7-Figure Success: Elevate Webinars, VSLs & Profits!

Coaches and Consultants: increase leads, sales & revenue – while also having less stress, workload, and freeing up your personal time.

We create compelling offers, strategic funnels, targeted ads, and launch webinars for maximum impact and profit.

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Luca Brinkhues und Michelle Lenz und Andreas Mitter sind die Köpfe hinter GROW HQ

Unlock 7-Figure Success: Elevate Webinars, VSLs & Profits!​

Coaches and Consultants: increase leads, sales & revenue – while also having less stress, workload, and freeing up your personal time.

We create compelling offers, strategic funnels, targeted ads, and launch webinars for maximum impact and profit.

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Luca Brinkhues and Michelle Lenz sitting at a table with Andreas Mitter.

Clients stay with us for 50+ months on average. Here’s why.

Expect To Cut Your CPLs & CACs
– While Doubling Your ROAS


Managed Ad Spend


Revenue Generated


Clients in 20+ Niches

1100+ / Weekly

High Quality Leads generated

135+ / Weekly

Booked Appointments for Clients


Average Front-End Roas

Grow Revenue

With the power of webinars and paid advertising, we are going to lift your personal brand into 7-figure months.

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Optimize Workflows

We also optimize your workflows, freeing you and your team from time-consuming tasks. Your efficiency will be pushed to the max

Portrait of Luca Brinkhues, CEO at GROW HQ

From: the Desk of Luca Brinkhues, Friday, July 23th of 2023

Dear Future 8-figure Entrepreneur,

Growing your business seems hard.

It’s hard when only 15% of people show up for your Webinars

It’s hard to see your Facebook Ads burning your money

It’s hard to come up with (and worse: write) email newsletters

It’s hard to post a gazillion times on Social Media every day

It’s hard that your business relies on you, and if you’re not there – nothing moves forward

It’s hard to have 6 Freelancers, but without YOU setting the tone, providing feedback & manage them – they’re not gonna lift a finger

It’s hard trusting an agency just for them to overpromise – and underdeliver

Just to hit an invincible ceiling – month after month.
Without knowing what exactly is causing it.

But you’re not alone – and it certainly is not your fault.

The reason business seems hard is that you don’t have a streamlined system.

A system that takes ice-cold traffic (AKA people that don’t know or trust you) and turns them into paying clients with certainty.

A system that works, even when you are on vacation, new team
members or freelancers join or the algorithm changes.

But what if you would have
such a system that…

turns strangers into repeat customers reliably
generates 6, 7 or even $10 for every Dollar you spend
generates more booked calls, revenue & predictability

… what would that mean for your business?
… and more importantly, what would that mean to you?
BUT… I urge you not to take our word for it.

Because we used a completely counterintuitive system to reinvent Webinars, VSLs, and advertising as you know it – and I’m about to share it with you on this very page…

Kundenimpressionen der GROW Agentur für Coaches
Kundenimpressionen der GROW Agentur für Coaches

We call it:

The “7-Figure-Client- Attraction-System”

Look, the reason many burn money with ads, have struggle scaling their offers and even their organic presence can’t help them is the following: They do the SAME thing as all others – and hope it works better for them.

But “hope-Marketing” is a surefire strategy to burn your hard-earned money… That’s why we developed a system that scales offers in ANY industry – by ignoring conventional wisdom, re-writing the rules and turning the Advertising Model upside down.

It’s the same system that we used to generate over $60+ Mio. for clients. The same System our clients in 20+ niches are now using to break the 6 and 7-figure/Month mark.

From Coaches to Consultants, Solo-Preneurs to Companies with 20+ Team members, B2B to B2C, Offline Businesses that go online… And in turn growing their company faster than ever before… All while they have to work less, stress less AND focus on WHAT THEY REALLY WANT… while all our clients‘ competitors seem to complain that “nothing seems to work” anymore…

Because let’s face it… Managing a team, operations, handling clients & marketing alone is stressful…

Here’s All Freelancers Or Employees You Would Need (And Manage YOURSELF) to Cross The 7-Figure/Month Mark

But what if you could have ALL those people working on your business right now – without the need to hire, fire, or micro-manage them?

And finally focus on what you do best? Whether that’s content creation, developing new products, or finally writing that book, rest assured knowing…

Your team has you covered.

From Expert Design And Copywriting To Webinar Creation And Process Automation

Introducing Your “Plug & Scale” Marketing Team

We take on the role of marketing lead, coordinating every expert to ensure your strategy is fully synchronized. We can even coordinate with your existing freelancers or team members – freeing you up to spend less time working, while your revenue continues to grow.

We are marketers by heart and are hands-on involved in your business – and not Agency CEOs that want to take themselves out of the business. EVERY customer is analyzed and screened by not 1 – but 3+ 8-figure Marketers to ensure we understand your business to the T.

Luca Brinkhues und Michelle Lenz
More than 8 team members at grow hq

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

You aren’t getting “Another Agency” You are getting a…

Sparring Partner: We help you develop your unique message.
Consultant: We provide a helicopter view when you're trying to choose the best from your thousands of ideas.
COO: We set the strategy and ensure that operations run seamlessly and efficiently.
Project Manager: We manage your freelancers and employees (if you have any) to ensure everyone has their tasks.
Data Analyst & CRO: We optimize your funnel to ensure your revenue continues to grow.
Copywriter, Designer, Media Buyer, Email Marketer, Videoeditor…

= full-stack Growth-Partner that handles everything for you,
so you don’t have to.

Get More Eyeballs On Your Offers

Paid Advertising

It’s no secret that the costs of ads are rising, and converting cold traffic into paying customers has become more challenging.

With our „7-Figure-Ad-Amplifier,“ we take care of creating, running, and optimizing paid ads for you. From copywriting to creative design and ongoing management, we handle it all.

Reach more of your ideal customers for your dollars and get Clients Around The Clock – Fully Automated And Managed By Us.

Michelle Lenz is a mastermind in processes & SOPs

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

Get More Qualified Leads

Proven Marketing Funnels (That Work For YOUR Business)

Let’s face it: it’s getting harder to generate leads organically.

In the meantime, you have a thousand ideas running through your head on how to fix that: „Let’s create an event, offer a freebie, or launch a new product…“

But do you really know what will move the needle?

And if you do, do you have the time (and resources) to create, manage, and optimize every single detail yourself?

Look, with our “Bulletproof-Funnel-Matrix,” we create customized and on-brand funnels that automate your lead generation and drive sales.

We analyze which funnel makes sense for your business stage and goals and create everything for you.

From Expert Copywriting to captivating Design. We’ll have your custom-build funnel running & generating leads in no time – while you never have to worry about the tech ever again.

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

Convert Leads Into Customers

E-Mail Autopilot & Sales Mastery

Are you struggling to close sales, don’t know how to set up sales calls or book appointments?

With our „E-Mail Autopilot,“ you’ll experience higher attendance rates for your webinars and see an increase in appointment bookings.

But there’s even more to our approach. You know that your best Closer isn’t half as good as yourself.

That’s why we collaborate closely with your team, involving them in our exclusive ‚Sales Mastery‘ program.

This transformative journey crafts them into dedicated specialists, able to master any sales call with ease. 

The result? A powerful boost to your revenue, driven by a team as effective as you are.

Zahlreiche Kunden vertrauen auf die Webinaragentur GROW HQ
Yvonne Schönau, Dominik Goerke, Renee Moore und Katja Porsch sind Kunden
Smooth Operations & Team-building (If You Want To)

Expert Process Optimization

Manual processes are time-consuming and slow down your business growth.

That’s why we offer the „Automated-Process-System,“ designed to streamline your business processes and enhance efficiency. 

Our team of experts will carefully analyze your workflow and develop tailored automation solutions that will save you valuable time and resources.

Start saving time and increase productivity from day 1.

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

100+ Clients

in 20+ Niches

client impressions of grow hq by luca brinkhues
GROW HQ clients
Client Case Study

Renée Moore

Renée was born in Texas and immigrated to Germany. She founded multiple companies throughout her career, making more than 100+ Million in sales. Now she found her passion coaching other women how to do the same and start their own business. 

Prior to working with us, she had about 30 clients enrolled in her coaching program. Her Facebook Ads weren’t producing results, and she was forced to work tirelessly to generate organic sales.

Here’s what happened within 16 months of working with us….

GROW HQ Reviews
Client Case Study

Dominik Goerke

After being 20 years in the financial industry, Dominik made a transition to coaching. During his time in finance, he was recognized as the #1 consultant within his company for 8 consecutive years. At 39, he quit and decided to follow his dream of teaching small business owners the strategies used by major players.

Prior to our collaboration, Dominik struggled with the high cost of running his webinar ads, which limited his ability to scale.

We overhauled the entire funnel, laying the groundwork to scale his campaigns to multiple 5-figure revenues per month.

Here’s what happened within just a few months of
working with us…

Dominiik Goerke ist begeisterter Kunde bei GROW HQ und Luca Brinkhues
Client Case Study

Some Impressions of Pages we created

Designed and built mobile-first for 90 % of online traffic (put your finger or cursor on the image to hover through the page)

Built for growth. Built for scale. Built to last.

From Expert Design And Copywriting To Webinar Creation And Process Automation

Marketing Funnel Strategy

We will help you create a customized marketing funnel strategy that can effectively guide your potential customers through the buying process..

Graphic Design & Creatives

Our team will create visually appealing designs that represent your brand – and stand out in any market.


We will create compelling and persuasive copy that engages and converts your audience – while perfecting your tone of voice.

Email Marketing

Our team will develop email marketing campaigns and set up your email autopilot that engages and converts your audience.

Web-Development & Tech

We take over the development of your funnel, emails, ads and more – so you never have to worry about the tech ever again!

Paid Advertising

We will help you drive more traffic, leads, and sales through professional-level paid advertising campaigns, designed to maximize ROAS.

Project Manag. Tool Setup

Our team will help you set up the best project management tools, tailored to your needs to improve communication and streamline workflow.

SOP Development

We will develop Standard Operating Procedures that will help you save time, increase productivity, and establish consistency in your operations.

Team Development

We help you build a high-performing team with the right combination of skills, experience, and mindset to help your business thrive.

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

GROW HQ hat viele Partner, darunter Notion, WordPress und Google Partner
GROW HQ hat viele Partner, darunter Notion, WordPress und Google Partner

Check out our recent case studies

Over $60M+ Generated – In 20+ Niches.

1.1 Million € in Black Friday Revenue

Last Black Friday, we spent 120K € and managed email campaigns for our client. We generated 1.1 Mio. € in revenue for our client – in just one week.

1,7 Million € in sales for a water hydration system

We ran a VSL on Youtube Ads selling water hydration and generated our client 7-figures at a 10+ ROAS.

Over 100 new employees for a Sales Team

We ran video ads on Facebook and TikTok building a fast growing sales team within 6 months

Doubled the factory size

We built a high converting funnel and ran Facebook and Linkedin Ads for an engineering company. The resulting leads enabled them to double their factory size.

30% revenue increase – with just 1 simple tweak

We rebuild the email marketing structure of our client, that increased revenue by 30%

From chaos to order in 3 weeks

We created a full project management system for a 12 person team – so no messages & tasks get lost.

Meet our Founder

Luca Brinkhues, CEO Of GROW HQ

Hello, my name is Luca Brinkhues.

As a Growth Partner, our mission is to bring visibility to the best offers and the most honest products that make a real difference in the world.

That’s why we carefully select our clients and exclusively support genuine products with a positive impact.

This commitment is not just mine, but shared by every single member of our team.

Luca Brinkhues is a renowned Speaker
Who is Luca Brinkhues: "At the age of 17, I started selling products on amazon from my bedroom, and that's where I discovered my passion for marketing."

Since then, I have not only come across every funnel, strategy, and method in the eCommerce, B2B, and coaching realms, but I have also dissected and analyzed them all.

I have unveiled the secrets behind over 100 companies in 20+ diverse niches, studying every single detail.

And I haven’t done this as a theoretical consultant, but as the „man behind the scenes“ who personally created hundreds of landing pages, advertisements, and funnels with his team – many of which you may have seen in your feed.

This experience allows me to pinpoint the best strategies out of your thousand ideas that will work for you right now.

Look, whether you decide to work with us or not comes down to one thing:

You’ve already managed to generate revenue and attract clients „on your own.“

But what you truly desire is the certainty that your success will not only continue through all the algorithms and market changes – but that you can scale to high 6-7-figure revenues per month.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here today.

And providing you with that certainty is what I would like to accomplish through a personal conversation with me.

Luca Brinkhues is a renowned Speaker

Schedule Your Free “Client Attraction Blueprint” Call

By the end of this call, you will have a clear understanding of what your 7-figure-Client-Attraction System will look like.

Find a time that best suits you in the calendar, and I look forward to speaking to you soon on our Check-up Call!

Luca Brinkhues

Here’s just a sneak-peak of what you get when you schedule your 100% free and no-obligation „Client Attraction Blueprint“ Call:

A Step-By-Step Blueprint designed to attract and convert your ideal clients effectively
A Custom-made marketing-strategy based on your goals
Uncover untapped opportunities and learn how to accelerate your business growth
Discover the best traffic channels for your unique business
Your own tailored-for-you Lead-Gen System
A custom plan to maximize your conversion rates & average order value

We only take on a limited number of customers per month.

Schedule a call to see if you qualify to work with us.

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